Hiring On All Cylinders! The Smart10 Approach To Hiring Staff

So, When Can You Start?

It’s a great moment when you get to roll out that line, when you've found the ideal candidate, the one that ticks all the boxes, and looks to be a great fit to your team!

But wait, how do you get there? Hiring staff isn't simply about getting the right job spec out there and hoping there’s an adequate pool of talent waiting in line to apply, although obviously ensuring you have laid out the specifics of what you require is the first step. But once you have worked out just what you require of prospective employees in return for the remuneration/benefits you can offer, how do you go about finding them?

Discovering the right candidate for your job role can be time consuming, and cost consuming. Depending on how big your organisation is, whether current staff are facing redundancy, or if you are growing so rapidly you require more bods like, yesterday, are all factors to consider when going through the recruitment process.


If you have a dedicated HR team on the payroll most of the necessary processes can be taken care of, but finding the right candidate pool first off can save your company an enormous amount of potential time, money and resources.


That’s Where Recruitment Firms Come In…

It can be of enormous benefit asking a recruitment specialist to assist in finding you the right placement, however if you use a service provider who does not get to know its clients or candidates properly, how can you expect them to understand your company needs? At smart10, we always ask every candidate on our books to come in and meet us face to face when registering with us, and we always spend time sitting down and getting to know them. We do this because we want to ensure the people who are sent out to interview with clients are already potentially the right candidate.


The Smart Approach

This unique approach has ensured smart10’s award winning services have gained the attention of a fast growing number of clients hiring staff throughout Hertfordshire and beyond. But we go further than that. Because in order to have a great pool of candidates you have to know what each company’s needs are. There’s no point in sending over a bunch of eager, ready to work candidates fresh out of college or university if your team is a small, quiet, mature group of consultants who are looking for a similar person to complement their set up. Or if you have a niche role, suited to someone who has unicycle skills, is experienced in skydiving but can also draft up a budgeting report whilst making a decent cup of tea, it helps to draw upon those with the resources, time, knowledge and above all experience to bring these people to your door.


Look For That Little Bit Extra

There are a lot of recruitment firms out there, so in order to choose the service that will save you the most in terms of return on your time and investment it is vital to do a little bit of research.


Online reviews are an excellent way to find out how a recruitment service has matched up to expectations. Twitter is also a fantastic tool to gauge in real time how customers and clients are feeling and what they are experiencing from their service providers at any given time, so don’t be afraid to take a look at what other clients and service users have posted!


Smart10 goes that little bit further to ensure we find the right candidates and if we don’t have that person on our books, we actively go out and search for him/her! We’d rather send for interview a small candidate pool, vetted and evaluated for your particular needs, who have the potential to be a best fit within your company, than to send over 15 eager people ready to start, but who may not quite fit the bill. It’s important because if we save you time, money and resources we are doing what we say we do, which is to create an award-winning bespoke service that exceeds our clients and our candidate’s expectations.


It’s important to look after the talent pool too. We find our candidates are more motivated to give 100% to their next role if they feel they have been looked after properly throughout the process. We even offer training services to help maintain a great standard and work ethic among our candidate pool.


And We’re Not Just A Pretty Face… We Also Have Lovely Figures!

Over 56% of our temporary candidates go on to be placed in permanent positions, which is testament to our skills at finding the right people for your team first out.

Over 58% of our candidates register with us solely, often securing positions within 14 days of our initial face to face meetings. Many of our candidates come through recommendations, via our own media platforms and direct business website. This means they are not technically on the market elsewhere.

And smart10 have secured over 97% repeat business throughout 2015 so far from our clients.

If you’d like to find out more about the services we offer to both our clients and our candidates, do follow the links on this page, and keep up with us on our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Smile…You’re in Safe hands 🙂

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