Feedback. It can be a scary word (especially for candidates, if they haven’t received the news they were hoping for regarding a job interview they’ve worked so hard to apply for). And it’s often not easy being the person having to give said feedback, especially when you know how desperately the candidate wanted that particular role (we do feel your pain, we’ve all been there!) But in actual fact, feedback can also be a really useful tool in helping to assess where your strengths…and weaknesses may lie in any given situation.

For instance, you may have all the right skills and qualifications on paper, but once meeting you face to face (and this is not meant in a harsh way) it might become evident that you are simply not the right ‘fit’ for the company. This does not mean in any way there is anything wrong with you! But what this does show is that it’s really important that YOUR expectations are met, as well as the company’s. And if Manager of said company realises you are, say for instance, dynamic and forward thinking, and the team you’d be put with is much quieter and used to a gentler approach, then no matter how qualified you are or are not, you’re definitely going to be happier and far more likely to succeed in a group that shares your enthusiasm and is open to new direction!

That’s one reason why at smart10, we always meet our candidates and clients face to face. We want to ensure we understand exactly the type of environment we’ll be sending our people into, and to make doubly sure their personalities fit the group they will eventually be settled into.

And it’s a win win (or should I say ‘win win win’) situation! Because not only do we have an exceptional candidate retainment rate with our placed candidates (94% in 2016 and this has continued throughout 2017!), saving money and time for our clients (who don’t have to worry about replacing staff and training new employees), it also means our candidates are much happier, motivated and productive in the roles we find them. Which is great for our reputation!

But how often, as a recruitment firm, do we ever try and put the shoe on the other foot? Well that’s exactly what Smart10 did recently when we asked our candidates and clients to complete a Service Survey on their experiences across the whole of the services we provide. We wanted an honest opinion on how we came across, where our strengths, and weaknesses (gulp!) lie. Don’t get me wrong we already knew we were doing something right, after all, we’ve won several prestigious awards for our innovate approach to recruitment! But we really wanted to know what our candidates and clients think of us.

And after a long deep collective breath, we were brave enough to take a look at the results! We were overwhelmed with the volume of responses we received, which could have meant one of two things! Thankfully, the result was…’outstanding’!

In particular, our four specialist areas (Operational Support, Sales & Marketing, Accounts & Finance and IT) have really taken off, and the decision to use specialist recruiters to oversee each field has played a huge part in helping our candidates to feel their experience and needs are fully understood. This has allowed us to tailor our services to each individual’s requirements, and to zoom in on prospective roles that are a much better fit for their personal qualities, and those of the companies we put them forward for interview with.

So we’d like to say a great big 'thank you' to all those who took part in our survey. It’s your feedback that will shape the future direction of the Smart10 Group, and we won’t let you down! We aim to continue to expand our tight-fitting team without diluting our service! So if you’re looking for a new role that fits with your personality AND your expectations, why not get in touch? You’re in safe hands 😊.

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