How Far Do You Go To Retain Your Talent?

In a dog eat dog business world, it is getting harder and harder to retain your top talent, whether it be through head hunting, perceived lack of career prospects or simply because the money’s not right.

When using a recruitment firm to secure the right candidate for the job, it is prudent to look for a consultancy with an exceptional track record for placing candidates who are not only the right fit for your team and with the greatest potential, but who seem to have a knack for keeping them there. But how do leading recruitment firms actually do this?

At smart10, a multi-award-winning consultancy based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, their formula is simple: Train, Retain, Reward. It’s a catchy mantra, but what does it mean? Well, instead of dropping off their well packaged parcel (your candidate) on your doorstep and simply walking away, hoping you’ll open it and work out how to use the contents yourself, Smart10 believe in a personal approach.

If you feel you need assistance, their training swat team will swoop in (admiring your lovely carpets of course) sit down with you for however long you need to keep your newest asset in perfect working order, and create a training pathway to accommodate both your and the candidate’s aspirational needs.

Stewart Lucas, Smart10’s Training Director, is on hand to assist clients with further training to retain their candidates once through the door, and to work alongside your company in creating the best environment to ensure your employees are happy, motivated, and eager to utilise their talents in the most superlative way possible. This way, both employer and employee are supported throughout their placement, whether permanent or temporary, and are far more likely to be stay in an environment where they feel safe, happy and primed for progression.

Smart10 candidates continue to grow and develop within their roles once placed, and this is essentially what differentiates the firm from other recruitment firms. But what’s to stop other companies doing the same thing? Well, in theory, nothing. However, this ‘well-kept secret’ is not the only way the team ensures top talent stays put!

Led by Business Woman and Entrepreneur of the Year (At both The Hertfordshire Business Awards & Inspiring Hertfordshire Business Awards 2016) Claire Brindle, Smart10 also believe in a completely different approach to attracting the right kind of candidate to their books in the first place. Every candidate is met face to face to ensure a rounded approach to best fit, including appearance relating to specific roles (for instance front of house sales), outlook, aspirations and character, meaning all those people that may not look quite right on paper but are perfect for a role once their charisma is allowed to shine, are never missed! Once signed up, candidates are regularly included in reward system straight from the outset (such as gift vouchers, nights out etc), encouraging a hunger to succeed and power to achieve, no matter what background or confidence levels at the point of walking through that scary recruitment agency door.

And talking of doors (again!) every candidate is met with a cheery hello, and a drink by the smart10 staff, who sit down on their comfy sofa to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The most common comment is that candidates think they walked into a home rather than a cold office space, which appears to set the mood for positivity and creativity – two of the most important asset of top performers!

Smart10 offer the following training courses for clients:

  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service
  • High Impact Presentation Skills
  • Business Influence and client facing skills
  • Business Networking skills training
  • Communication and Influencing skills
  • Interview training
  • Candidate workshops

If you’d like to work with one of Hertfordshire’s most innovative and dynamic recruitment firms, and want to succeed in training and retaining your top talent, get in touch with one of the team today an start training for your company’s future success!

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