What’s The Youth In Trying? Smart10 Has The Answer!

So you’re young, you’ve got plenty of years ahead of you, you don’t quite know where you see yourself in, say 5 years’ time (btw remember that one, it WILL come up in an interview!), and you’re not really sure about what sort of job role you want to go for next. As long as it PAYS, right?

But if you think about it, it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s the fact that you have started somewhere that’s going to get you, like anywhere. There are so many paths your life will veer off in as you go along your journey, and it will literally take you to places that you’ve never even dreamt about…but what matters most is that you have a starting point.

Follow Your Passion

I’ll be honest, I never had a clue what I wanted to do when I was young. I mean I had ideas! I knew what I was good at and I thought I knew my limitations. But it turns out my limitations were nothing more than what I had been led to perceive. Either through school experiences leaving me feeling unaccomplished or misunderstood, or through what I felt were missed opportunities, and of course the ‘expert’ but completely and utterly useless advice of other well-meaning peers, teachers and (God love ‘em) family, who could not possibly have understood where my passions lay better than little old moi. 

And it’s passion that will get you places. Its passion that will make a job feel like it’s not a job, but a vocation. It’s passion that will steer your ship to the destination of your choosing, so it’s really important to take hold of that steering wheel yourself. It doesn’t matter where you steer it at first (within reason!) but for goodness sake start steering it somewhere!

And if, while you’re steering you keep in mind a picture of yourself happy, successful and in control of your future…low and behold that ship will start to steer itself. It’s the basic laws of nature: hold a vision, take steps, no matter how small, forward, as long as you are moving forward, the Universe will start creating those opportunities that will start guiding you towards your destination. I never learned that at school, and nobody advised me this was how life worked. I figured it out, along with many other happy, successful people!

Caring About Our Community

At smart10 we want the young people in our local community to have the support, guidance, opportunities and assistance to start steering their own ship! We are passionate about helping our youth to discover opportunities for themselves, and find where their own passions will take them.

That’s why we are the only recruitment company in Hertfordshire to work alongside the Hertfordshire Sixth Form Consortium each year, giving advice, support and insider knowledge about the local business world and what passions one might need to possess to enjoy an array of professional career options.

It’s also why we hold bi-weekly Hot Desks at our local Hatfield Job Centre. Our award-winning team provide a welcoming, non-judgemental face to unemployed young people, some of whom may have had their confidence and self-esteem previously dented by other ‘well meaning’ peers or advice-givers. We believe there is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it. Even of you don’t yet have the experience to apply for your (what might seem like a far off) dream job, we believe that if you are passionate about getting there, paths will start to open up for you.

You have to start somewhere, right?! Why not start with smart10? Whether you need a stop gap temporary position to get you through the summer holidays, or to save up a bit of cash to go travelling or buy a car, or whether you have a small inkling of where you might like to see yourself in the not-too-distant future, by talking to you and getting to know you a bit we may just know the perfect role through one of our many well-established local companies we have on our books that will be the one to start propelling you forwards on your journey, and to your dream destination…wherever that may be!

Be Smart. Make a Start. Start with Smart10.

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