Summer, Summer, Summer Chameleon!

Hey we know what time it is! Summertime is always a great time to kick back, maybe think about going away on holiday, or plan some fun times with your nearest and dearest! If you’re a student and you’ve been working hard on completing all your exams or essays you’re probably in desperate need of some time away from those books and studying!

But summer is often the very best time to earn a bit of extra cash too! There is an amazing array of seasonal summer jobs on offer in and around Hertfordshire and the South East through Smart10, which could not only help you to save enough to pay for those good times ahead, many of them can also create the very opportunities you need to get your foot in the door of your ideal career!

Be who You Want To Be, When You Want

Whatever role you are hoping to eventually achieve, often temping for a company that is connected to your chosen industry can start you off on a journey that will lead you to places you could only have imagined before. You may not even have a clue where or who you want to be 5 years from now (let’s be honest, who under 20 does?!) or you might be a mature candidate who has for any number of reasons just finished one career, is looking for a new outlook and direction, and is at a crossroads? Summer temping could just be the stop gap you are looking for that can give you fresh insight into where you might see yourself in future.

The events industry, just one example, is notorious for being exceptionally busy through the summer months, and it is so diverse you could gain a wealth of experience, as well as using it as a great opportunity to brush up on your customer service and people management skills! Want to get into catering? There are loads of summer kitchen assistant jobs which could just open that all important restaurant door for you! As long as you are willing to show the people that matter what you have to offer, the sky is the limit when it comes to working your way up to a top job.

Freedom and Flexibility!

If you don’t want to be tied down to a permanent job because you’d like your working life to remain flexible, then temping could be the ideal solution. You’ll have your pick of the best during summer months, and it’s a great way to meet other like-minded people on a similar outward looking journey to yourself. For many people, working overseas is a fantastic, affordable way to experience the world and other cultures, so why not use the English summer to work your way to a ticket to a far of destination that could lead to other potential opportunities?

The Smart10 Temps Desk Is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Whatever your reasons for considering summer temping, you’ll be glad you found us! Our consultants are among the very best in the business, which is why we are always overflowing with temporary positions throughout the summer. Our candidates come back time after time because we look after them, and our clients, many of whom are top names in the local area, entrust our team to offer the very best support and preparation to each and every candidate throughout their time at the company. Our reputation is second to none. Our award winning service is exceptional. Our vision is to see you succeed.

We can also assist you with brushing up your CV, training and offering other useful employment advice, so why not get in touch with us, and use this summer’s opportunities to live your life that you want!

Smile, You’re In Safe Hands



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