Recruiting? Get All Hired Up With Smart10!

Selecting fresh talent and recruiting the right candidate for your job role can be a daunting task. It can present immense pressure for an employer, not least because potentially your livelihood can depend on you making the right choice! Whether it be a small, local business or a large franchise it is absolutely vital to attract the right person for the job, and for several reasons.

Firstly, time is money! If you’re creating a selection process, have spent time writing a comprehensive job description, and you’ve already got steps in place to start training or mentoring your new talent, you need to know the person you have selected will not decide the job is after all ‘not for them’ and stroll off into the sunset in a couple of months’ time, leaving you stranded and having to start the entire process all over again!

Secondly, it is more important than many employers realise to ensure your latest recruit is a good ‘fit’ with the team you have already established. Studies have shown that when a team really fits together tightly, productivity is increased, well-being amongst staff is higher (which in turn encourages higher productivity) and the company’s aims are more likely to be attained, because everyone is on a similar wavelength, and are striving towards the same goals. Also, and perhaps crucially, higher retainment rates are increased, leading back to the time/money argument.

Innovation And Experience

When hiring new talent, Smart10 knows a thing or two about how to select the right candidate for specific job roles. Not least because we are one of Hertfordshire’s leading recruitment firms with over 30 years combined experience in the industry. And it’s not simply because we are leading the way in how recruiters treat, select and retain their top talent (we are among Hertfordshire’s top innovators, with an outstanding Company Head who has already won Business Person of the Year 2016 at Herts Business Awards, and Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 at Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards).

It’s really because we truly believe in an holistic approach to finding, employing and retaining the very best talent that Hertfordshire has to offer. And our success rate is undeniable!

But we don’t just want to keep that knowledge to ourselves (that would be a little bit greedy…and counterproductive!) After all, our business thrives on our reputation for providing the best talent around, and ensuring local companies across Hertfordshire and beyond, large and small, retain their talent, and that employers and employees alike are happy and successful.

A Reputation For Outstanding Performance

If you are a looking to hire new staff and would like advice on how to get the best candidate for your job role, Smart10 offers bespoke training and advice sessions for local clients wishing to maximise their employment success rates. We would be delighted to share our knowledge and experience with you…and we also have another little card up our sleeves (as if all that wasn’t enough!) we have our very own ‘Training Director’ on board to offer exclusive insight, creative input and fool-proof advice on how to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what to look for in hiring for your particular job role, training and retaining your chosen candidate, and ensuring your choices benefit the whole company.

And that’s not all! We have an enviable talent pool already on our books, each person having been met face to face, interviewed by our experienced consultants, so we have already done the groundwork in finding out what makes them tick, monitored reliability, discovering where their passions lie, and what experience and benefit they would likely bring to each job role they apply for.

So don’t just wait for Santa to deliver that employee of your dreams…Smart10 have the perfect personnel packages in our stocking just waiting to be unwrapped by the right company …want to take a peak? 🙂

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