Everyone’s A Winner…When You’re A Smart10 Cookie!

We’re feeling a bit soft and squishy right now. We recently nominated our boss, Claire Brindle, as Entrepreneur of the Year at Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards. We did it not just because we think she’s ace and already a winner (we do) or because she’s always putting the rest of her team on a pedestal (she does). And it’s not even because she is so enthusiastic and positive about smart10’s candidates, clients and partners that it rubs off on everyone (she is). No, it’s actually because whilst creating all this energy and positive engagement, she usually forgets to include one tiny little person…herself!

Now we don’t want Claire getting a big head (mainly because we don’t have an expandable door in the office and it would be a bit awkward trying to squeeze past her bonce on the way to do the tea round), but we do feel there is something ever so special about our lovely Claire, which patently sets her apart from anyone else we've each had the pleasure (or misfortune!) to work with. You see our Claire is good with people. She is very good at talent spotting of course, which is probably why she rose so quickly through the ranks of recruitment to start her own business in her twenties with two small children! But it’s more than that. The ethos instilled at smart10 is that no one is too old, too young, too inexperienced, too ridiculous (ok, maybe not ridiculous) to make a difference to the workplace!

Believe In Yourself...We Do!

So you may not have worked in the Events or Marketing industries before? Once we meet you (we make sure we meet every one of our candidates to really get to know each person individually) we may see that spark/distinct character that we feel confident would be an asset in a role you might not have even considered yourself suitable for. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that just a couple of Claire’s team started out in recruitment before they came to Smart10! She spotted something in every one of us that stood out to her, and built each role around that person, as much as she cultivated their talent.

Opportunity is sometimes all that is needed to change a perspective, a self-belief, an expectation…even a life. Sometimes all you need is a ‘lucky’ break, right? Except it’s not really luck…more the belief and energy you put into where you want to be, the more things start to happen.


Taking The First Steps...

So we try to reach and support people in different ways here at smart10…This week, we’ve started a Careers Advice Desk at our local jobcentre. Local jobseekers of all ages and abilities can visit the Smart10 Hot Desk to get free advice on interviewing for the jobs you really want to go for (not just the ones you apply for because you are desperate to get some cash in your pocket, even if the position calls for 8 nights a week hard labour and no paid holiday in a rotten fish factory). You can also get help with writing or updating your CV, setting out a career path that could help you get the experience you need towards your dream job, and you can even apply for some of the roles we currently have live on our own jobsite, and get some inside info on what the company will be looking for. In fact, we have already secured a good number of positions for new jobseekers since starting the project very recently…If you can see the potential in yourself then it’s only a matter of time before others start noticing it too, it’s the basic law of attraction!

This week, the judges at Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards 2016 noticed the potential in Claire that we had all seen for quite a while. All we needed to do was point them in the right direction ;)…and you know what? She won!!! And true to form, Claire wanted to emphasise that the award goes to the whole team. Because without each of their unique characteristics, the company would not be what is its today. And what it is today, is a unique, award-winning recruitment firm, with an exceptional team and very special (and very proud) boss. 🙂

You can visit the Smart10 Team at Old Hatfield Jobcentre every second Tuesday (from 24th May), or simply get in touch to arrange cup of tea and a chat about your recruitment needs.

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