Does Your Work Place Make you Happy?

What are you willing to sacrifice for good money, a great team, a cool office, the perfect location?

It is a question that most people are faced with at least once in their lifetimes and the answer can change dramatically from one year to the next.

For some people, stability makes them happy and they will sacrifice on other factors because of this. Knowing where the toilets are, working with the same team and progressing gradually through the same company makes them feel happy and fulfilled in their work place. They will sacrifice career progression and even a bigger salary to hold onto this. In this ever changing world, however, a job for life is getting rarer by the day and this precious stability could be taken away overnight.

Maybe your company announces a merger, changes office location or even something simple happens like your team leader leaves and is replaced by an ogre.  Then what? 

Working close to home is at the top of other people’s lists. They relish leaving the office at five pm and being home by five fifteen. They may even be living the dream and going home for lunch every day.

Lunch break in the parkTo live this dream, however, sacrifices will have been made. Maybe your boss doesn’t appreciate you, your desk faces the wall and the toilets constantly smell of bleach but who cares? You get out in the fresh air every lunchtime with your dog, you prepare and eat your favourite sandwich in your own kitchen and you are home in time for a tennis lesson before dinner.

All the intricacies of what makes you happy at work is extremely important to the team at Smart 10.  They know that finding the right job for the right candidate takes careful, thorough conversations and a lot of listening.

The same values ring true for the people that are employed by Smart 10. The team has been carefully selected to create a kind and helpful culture in the office. They go that extra mile for their clients and candidates and are very good listeners.

After six years running her own business, and several more working for other recruitment firms the MD of Smart 10 knows that people do their best work when they are happy and feel listened to. Her values are dyed in the wool of her company which means that Smart 10 are your best choice if you want your next job to be the best fit for your personality and values, as well as your pay packet.

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