December really is the best time to recruit!

December really is the best time to recruit!

Some businesses consider December as a quieter, slowing down period in the run up to Christmas and the New Year. However, many of smart10’s clients are still recruiting and offering successful candidates the opportunity to join their business this side of Christmas.

Claire and the Smart10 recruitment team
Claire and the Smart10 recruitment team

Here are 7 reasons why we think December is a fantastic time to recruit!

  1. A great time to employ staff to ensure they are fully settled and trained in their new position, ready to ‘Hit The Ground Running’ in 2019!
  2. Fill any gaps of time you have in December to invest in your new employee’s, ready to ‘Kick Start’ the New Year.
  3. Solid staff foundations – January is often a very busy period for many businesses where new work-load’s arrive, new projects begin and the diaries fill up. Avoid the pressure of advertising, interviewing and hiring new employee’s at a time when you want to be investing your efforts in growing your customers!
  4. Year end reflections – The end of the year is often a time when candidates ‘Hit The Job Boards’ and consider their career move, ‘New Year, New Me’ feelings arise. The need of change and reflection on our current situations result in a higher number of Applications. Get ahead of the game and meet the talent first, before your competitors do.
  5. Get ahead of the game. Many organisations will be finishing up for the final quarter of 2018, which means they will miss out on the Talent in the market. By focusing your efforts in December ahead of the game, you will have a wider variety of professionals to consider who are eager to start the new year, in a new job!
  6. Job Seekers have more time – Over the festive season people have more time away from work, which allows them more flexibility to search for job vacancies, apply for suitable positions, take the calls and ‘Attend The Interviews’ when they are not in the office. Take advantage, we are!
  7. Is the grass greener? Many companies can use December to consider their budgets and also cut costs, which often mean bonuses are reduced or incentives disappear. Top Performing Colleagues re-think their situation at this time, they are often tempted to view what other options are out there.

Have you got an exciting vacancy available which requires Fresh Talent?

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