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Hiring On All Cylinders! The Smart10 Approach To Hiring Staff

It’s a great moment when you get to roll out that line, when you've found the ideal candidate, the one that ticks all the boxes, and looks to be a great fit to your team!

But wait, how do you get there? Hiring staff simply about getting the right job spec out there and hoping there’s an adequate pool of talent waiting in line to apply, although obviously ensuring you have laid out the specifics of what you require is the first step. But once you have worked out just what you require of prospective employee in return for the remuneration/benefits you can offer, how do you go about finding them?

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December really is the best time to recruit!

December really is the best time to recruit! Some businesses consider December as a quieter, slowing down period in the run up to Christmas and the New Year. However, many of smart10’s clients are still recruiting and offering successful candidates the opportunity to join their business this side of Christmas. Claire and the Smart10 recruitment…
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The future is smart…

Welwyn Garden City’s very own independent recruitment company does it again! The success of a company can be measured in many ways. Awards they have won, their level of customer service, continued business from the same clients and their values. These are just few indicators as to how well a company is doing along with,…
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We all know that looking for a new job is hard work and a long and tiring process but there must be ways to make things easier? When you come home from a long day at work the last thing you want to do is scroll through tons of jobs and send out your CV…
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June…Let’s Make it Beautiful

What an incredible time of year! It is almost worth a few grey days as they make the sunny days even more special. We are very lucky to have seasons in this country and the contrast gives access to an incredible experiential spectrum from cosy evenings by the fire to endless Summer days in the…
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What Does Your CV Say About You?

Everybody has their own personal brand and values. There are some elements that are flexible and subject to change but some are most definitely not and flow through every decision they make and every outfit they choose.

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