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Hiring On All Cylinders! The Smart10 Approach To Hiring Staff

It’s a great moment when you get to roll out that line, when you've found the ideal candidate, the one that ticks all the boxes, and looks to be a great fit to your team!

But wait, how do you get there? Hiring staff simply about getting the right job spec out there and hoping there’s an adequate pool of talent waiting in line to apply, although obviously ensuring you have laid out the specifics of what you require is the first step. But once you have worked out just what you require of prospective employee in return for the remuneration/benefits you can offer, how do you go about finding them?

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Feedback. It can be a scary word (especially for candidates, if they haven’t received the news they were hoping for regarding a job interview they’ve worked so hard to apply for). And it’s often not easy being the person having to give said feedback, especially when you know how desperately the candidate wanted that particular…
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How Far Do You Go To Retain Your Talent?

In a dog eat dog business world, it is getting harder and harder to retain your top talent, whether it be through head hunting, perceived lack of career prospects or simply because the money’s not right. When using a recruitment firm to secure the right candidate for the job, it is prudent to look for…
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Recruiting? Get All Hired Up With Smart10!

Selecting fresh talent and recruiting the right candidate for your job role can be a daunting task. It can present immense pressure for an employer, not least because potentially your livelihood can depend on you making the right choice! Whether it be a small, local business or a large franchise it is absolutely vital to attract…
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What’s The Youth In Trying? Smart10 Has The Answer!

So you’re young, you’ve got plenty of years ahead of you, you don’t quite know where you see yourself in, say 5 years’ time (btw remember that one, it WILL come up in an interview!), and you’re not really sure about what sort of job role you want to go for next. As long as…
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Summer, Summer, Summer Chameleon!

Hey we know what time it is! Summertime is always a great time to kick back, maybe think about going away on holiday, or plan some fun times with your nearest and dearest! If you’re a student and you’ve been working hard on completing all your exams or essays you’re probably in desperate need of…
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